Co-Founder and Producer Dr Atif Ghani is an award-winning film Producer and Edtech entrepreneur. Atif brings 20 years of producing popular content in the UK and internationally with 14 feature films to his credit. His award-winning VR film The Martha Street Experience has been playing marquee festival worldwide and winning prizes since its premiere at the London Film Festival. Atif has recently been seconded by University Arts London as Lead Policy Researcher on the All-Party Parliamentary Group on cultural diversity and creative education.

Co-Founder Jay Younes brings 10 years of experience in immersive technologies with a prior background in mobile phone game development. Jay has vast experience with immersive delivery and on-boarding in schools, museum, libraries, care-homes and other learning environments. His work stream includes quick prototyping of the archive content, compiling assets and stories into single experiences, multi-user and single user options and design considerations. Jay is current working as a Story-Trail Maker on the Story-Trails  the world’s largest immersive story-telling projects set for a Fall 2022 release.
Ralph Ward.  London History co-lead Ward is a retired urban planner whose career focused on the development of East London, including London Docklands, Lee Valley and the London 2012 Olympic Park at Stratford. He is Visiting Professor of Urban Change at the University of East London, and is joint founder of London Urban Visits, an organization that arranges informed tours, visits and briefing for those professionally or personally interested in the recent growth and development of London.  He also leads walks for London Open City. He is now lead for Heritage 5G on Groundbreakers, an augmented reality map of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
Design Director GREG SHAW  has been exploring creative strategies within narrative structures and empathetic engagement at the junction of immersive storytelling and world-building. From a background in architecture, Greg has been working as a Production Designer for Film and TV over the last 20 years. Increasingly Greg is using game engines (Unity and Unreal) to extend the role of the virtual Art Department and analyse the potential narrative development and future forms of story presentation blurring the line between theatre, games, and film.
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